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I put my links into the categories below:

New York City Living
New York Job and Employment
New York Networking
New York Lifestyle
New York Hotels
Parenting Resources

Westchester & Irvington
Westchester & Irvington Links

Bermuda Links
Bermuda Vacation and Travel Links for our trip

Consumer Sites
Online Shopping Comparison Sites
Sites that help you shop on-line by comparing prices

Technology and Software
Technology Tutorials
Various tutorials that I use.
Chat Clients for Online Support or Sales
Some research I did on chat software for sales and support.
Search Engine Optimization
These are tools, sites and tutorials that I use about SEO.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -- companies, consultants, firms, services experts and firms

Hosted Applications and on-line services
Web Photo Albums and online Image Management Systems
Pointers to software that enables you to publish digital photos on the web
Internet Fax Services and On-line Fax Software
Research we did on Internet Fax Services in 2002.

Learning Management Systems-- an evaluation of LMS solutions, software and services
Research on learning management systems.

Sales Resources
Some sales links
Shooting Wedding Video Tips
I collected these links to remind me how to shoot the best wedding videos
New York Video Production Company - A video production company focused on providing services to business in NYC.

Personal Friends
My Exceptionally Cool Friends
This is a list of some of my friends

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I keep this directory so that I can remember the sites I visit frequently. It's really for my own maximum effectiveness. When people ask me to link to their site, I only do so if it makes sense to do so or if they give me a backlink.

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