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Bermuda Vacation and Travel Tips and Links

Current Burmuda Weather
Yahoo Bermuda Weather -- Generic consumer weather that include fun subjective forcasts like "feels like" temperatures.
Weather Satellite of Bermuda -- See the weather for yourself. You don't need a weatherman to know where the clouds are.
Animated Satellite of Bermuda -- Animated so you can see where they're going.
Bermuda weather

Bermuda Maps
Bermuda Satellite and Detailed map -- The ultimate Bermuda map. You can zoom in and alternate between road map and satellite view. It doesn't get much better than this.
Bermuda Beach Map -- Map and hotel locator for Bermuda, which shows plenty of beaches by name.
Bermuda County Map -- A map of Bermuda which shows the townships or county boarders.
Bermuda Main Road Map -- This map shows some of the major roads in Bermuda.

Bermuda Transportation
Ferry Schedule -- Sea Express Ferry schedule in Bermuda
Bermuda Bus Schedule and map -- This page is a map and bus schedule for Bermuda. The site,, is the main site for the government of Bermuda.

Bermuda Web Logs, forums or community
Limey in Bermuda -- a web log from a British fellow who lives in Bermuda. Features an insider's view of various Bermuda political discussions.
Politics Bermuda -- a Bermudan political web log
Bermuda Classifieds -- this is an active community classified system. I posted a wanted advert for a crib for my baby, and two people replied with help -- one told me to contact the Bermuda red cross, who rents cribs for $10/week.

Travel Guides and Points of Interest
Bermuda Railway as seen today -- Bermuda's rail way was turned into a walking and biking trail. This page shows the trail, as it is today. The site is a comprehensive history of the railway.
Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo -- points to the hours of operation page.
Travelosity Frommer's Guide -- Helpful guide to Bermuda. Comprehensive and unbiased.
Biking in Bermuda -- A personal and detailed guide specific to biking in Bermuda. I found this to be very helpful.
Lonely Planet Guide to Bermuda -- There is some unbiased information here, however, it's a bit thin.

Bermuda Historical or General Information
Bermuda on Wikipedia -- a collaborative online repository for information on Bermuda.
Wikitravel Bermuda -- another collarborative online repository for travel to Bermuda information.
Bermuda Online -- Seams to be a Bermuda government online guide for civic employees (and others) who are considering moving to Bermuda. Plenty of specific information here, including a price list of stuff at the grocery store, cost of living estimates and information about Bermuda internet access.
Bermuda cost of living -- the Bermuda on-line page for the cost of living in Bermuda.

Bermuda Scuba and Diving Resources
Bermuda scuba diving -- a comprehensive article about diving around the island. Includes reviews of various dive shops and their prices.
Bermuda diving -- this is the web site of one of the more popular Bermuda dive shops. It has some information about various wrecks and snorkeling areas.
Bermuda Scuba Travelosity -- a small bit of Bermuda diving advice from Frommers guide.
Skindiver article -- An article about a wreck dive, which appeared in Skin Diver Magazine.
Popular Wreck Dives -- a page about popular wreck dives which contains the address and phone number of some Bermuda dive shops. This page was written in 1997.
Bermuda wreck diving article -- a personal account of a guy who dove on a wreck in Bermuda.
Bermuda diving The Xing Da -- a personal account of a guy who dove on the The Xing Da, a chinese cargo ship that was purposefully scuttled to form and artificial reef.
Bermuda wreck diving map -- Shows some of the more popular wrecks around Bermuda and has some information about each wreck.
Bermuda wreck diving guide -- tells about some of the more popular wrecks.

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