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Technology Tips and Tutorials
SQL Tutorial -- For when I brush up on database
emacs CVS commands -- Uhhh, emacs and CVC? Why?
emacs manual -- Just in case.
Changing end-of-line Mode in Emacs (replaces ^M line return) -- I think vi is doing it!
Using emacs to cut and paste a rectangular region (columns or fields) of text -- Cutting and pasting rectangular regions of a document is especially useful when you need to edit the contents of multi-column tables.
docs for GPG for Mac -- PGP encryption for mac
samspade -- find info about domains and IP addresses; they have a free downloadable client for Windows that is a good one
uptime checker -- find out what kind of server a site is running, uptime, etc.
DNS reporting -- detect improper dns/email server settings
macrumors-- for macintosh rumors.

Web Development Tools
Paypal Golive eCommerce Extension - this is a cool new tutorial on how to get paypal to work with Adobe Golive.
Free Favicon Creater Hosted Application -- this web page enables a user to create a favicon (the little icons that appear in the location bar of a web browser or when you bookmark some sites) from any image. Cool.
Free Dead Link Checker -- finds link rot on a domain.
Fresh Color Picker -- Designers...this is the tool to use. Web Accessibilty Toolbar for Color Blindness -- This toolbar gives your web browser the ability to view web pages in gray scale and depleted palettes to simulate various types of color blindness. Other buttons let you toggle images, validate your HTML, see the color set used in your page and resize the browser window to simulate various screen sizes.
Da Button Facotry -- A hosted web application that lets you create buttons.
Make a Logo -- A hosted web application that lets you create logos.

AcousticSoundDesign - home speakers, electronics, klipsch, bic, infinity
High quality sound technicians and home theater profesionals.
Digital Camera Comparisons
Evaluate different digital SLR camera models -- highly visual and frequently updated.

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