Eric Wolfram's Directory, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -- companies, consultants, firms, services experts and firms

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -- companies, consultants, firms, services experts and firms

Web Publicist, Pay Per Click Consulting and SEO Services -- personal service. works with your team to develop search engine optimized web pages that are interesting and helpful in your industry. This improves your position as an industry leader in the eyes of journalists and industry insiders, as well as with your future customers. This includes content and content publishing development. Pricing clearly indicated on the web page. Testimonials.

SEO by Steve -- Flash web site. Not very well optimized. Offers marketing services besides SEO services. Not offering content development services as of April 2006.

Content Logic -- dedicated to content creation. fancy presentation. no pricing listed on the site. no names. a division of -- web development company. As of April 2006, not advertising content development or the more sophisticated types of SEO services.

Customer -- SEO and SEM. Shows some example #1 rankings on google and yahoo of some of their customers -- some of these examples aren't obscure keyphrases. Expecting pricing between $6K - 48K per year.

Target em -- A virgina based SEO company. They provide SEO to your web site and some backlink development. They say their costs are $3K and up, average engagement is about $15K. -- A firm. Talks about "Our team will research your business and its marketing..." Provides other marketing services, namely pay-per-click. They talk about rewriting content on their client's sites...not specializing in content development.

Medium Blue -- A firm who does content development. They appear to be looking for customers with budgest between $800 and $20K per month. They offer SEO, Online PR, Web site conversion, and SEM packages. They have a newsletter. -- a firm that provides seo friendly white hat services. The show some results they have achived. They have pricing from $850 to $5000K per month. They have some keyword loading at the bottom of their pages. They don't mention content development.

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