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Web Photo Album Publishing Solutions
Non-techies can create nice picture collections. Users can publish directly from a cell phone, which makes it easy to take pictures and upload spontaneously. They call albums "sets". The slideshow functionality for 'sets' doesn't show titles and descriptions for each photo (some other photo album software has slideshows that shows each photo+title and description "during" the slideshow)

Gallery -- doesn't need a DB behind it and provides quite a few different ways to upload lots of photos and get them organized in a short amount of time. Looks consumer oriented. free plugin that uploads your pictures from iPhoto to Gallery. The plugin works great and is easier than Gallery's Remote software.

igal -- opensource bare bones solution -- very geeky. For unix. Example Photo Album

i-view media (the cheap $50 version not the pro version) is for managing photos and other digital media locally and it exports to web pages. Export a catalog as a HTML-formatted web site that includes both an index page and a linked media page for every item in the catalog. Also supports the embed tag for QuickTime browser plug-in. HTML can be automated using AppleScript, and can therefore be set to automatically update and upload an entire web-site periodically, without user intervention.

Jalbum is a free photo gallery creation tool for web and cd presentations that's had a number of album styles created by an active community. It is java based and gives you the ability to stick some java code into your templates to do what ever you'd like. There are a bunch of different gallery styles plus you can edit the ones they have to insert your own interface. There's also lots of user editable fields. Recommended for people who publish art or collections online. It's got decent web publishing capabilities. Example album

OpenACS Photo Application
Community system that, among many other things, enables users to create photo albums. Here is the folder view and here is the album view. Admin tool lets you move photos between albums or folders like a file system, upload many photos at once, grant multi-levels of access. Users can be granted access to start new albums or to upload new photos. It's highly customizable.

Google's Picasa
Google's photo organizer. You download and install it on your machine. It can manipulate resize, crop and even apply filters like -- sharpen and dropshaddows. It has some "publish" capibilities. There was a story about picasa in the NYTimes (tech section) - it could likely continue improving, which is good because some bugs have been identified, as of Feb. 2005. Picasa does a clean, simple job of outputting for the web. It builds a page with thumbnails that point to limited-size copies of the actual images. There's a bug in which it prompts for a page title but then uses the title as the filename and the filename as the title. But in general the publish feature is clean and straightforward, no frills. .
It's an in-progress opensource application to be a true repository for all your photos, focusing on effectively using metadata. Geo-coding photographs is a big part

SimpleViewer -- flash 6.0 required. Looks elegant. Unknown how meta data might be associated with a photo. Google may not index that data.

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